Completed Projects

Emergency Peace Support Project/MoPR: The project titled Emergency Peace Support Project (EPSP) was implemented by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction receiving grant from the World Bank. The objective of the project was to contribute to the peace process by providing interim cash transfers and rehabilitation services to eligible conflict affected persons and by increasing transparency and accountability in the delivery of these benefits. One of the components of the project was the rehabilitation support to conflict affected families and individuals through Employment/ Self Employment Services (ESES). One of the services under ESES was vocational training services with related literacy and life skills training. TCN was biggest implementing partner of ESES and worked in 34 districts providing vocational skill training and employment support to 1660 conflict affected persons. The assignment was carried out in year 2012/13.

UNIRP: United Nations Interagency Rehabilitation Program (UNIRP) provided vocational skills training and post training support to discharged PLAs (VMLRS), implemented jointly with UNDP, ILO, UNFPA and Government of Nepal, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction. TCN has been providing training in different subjects including Mobile repairer, electrician, beautician, Tailor at all region of Nepal

GIZ (Support to the Piece Process): TCN provided skill training to PLAs in the cantonments in division number 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 for the year 2009/2010 and 2011. Training was imparted in tailor, mobile repairer, electrician, mason, carpenter, driver and plumber and ensured 100% success in skill testing level 1 conducted by NSTB.

Skills for Employment Project (SEP): SEP is ADB funded long term project designed aiming to support in poverty alleviation goal. TCN remained largest implementing partner with the project and completed training to 8000 youths spending 160 million Rupees of the project. 

Rural Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Sector Development Program (RRRSDP)/GON: RRRSDP is being implemented in 20 core district and PCU under DoLIDAR implemented the project. Main aim of the project was to increase connectivity, enhance economic and employment opportunities and increase the access to social and market services of rural community people. ADB, DFID, SDC, OFID and OPEC are the consortium partners in the project. TCN worked in 10 districts for empowering community through skill training and employment.