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TCN has been established with the aim of contributing on poverty alleviation through imparting of market based short term skills to the unemployed youths and linking them to the employment opportunities. Having established in the year 2000, it also aims to fulfill the striving need of skilled human resources in the country and abroad.

The company, having head office at Sitapaila, Kathmandu, has worked in 45 districts around the country and gained credibility of providing quality service even in the very adverse situation. It has successfully completed more than 2000 training events and imparted employable skills to almost 40000 people. A list of innovative works including designing and developing of new training, producing of trainee friendly study materials, developing of trainers, coordinators, managers and skill assessors, enhancing the access and equity of skill training go into the credit of Training Center Nepal.

At this stage, TCN has got the capacity of executing big projects of international standards in the TVET sector and can impart skill training to 10,000 people a year from its own resources. In addition to the core training area, TCN has extended its expertise and net works to support pre training and post training activities too.

Our core business are to:

Provide market oriented short term skill development training, 
- conduct market assessment survey (RMA) and TNA, 
- Provide employment support to training graduates in local and international labor market.
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